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nfant® Thrive Bottle

nfant® Thrive Bottle

The nfant® Thrive Bottle is a state-of-the-art feeding solution for infants. This complete kit equips parents and caregivers with everything they need to gain data-based insights into how well their baby is feeding. 

The Thrive Bottle kit comes with 2 bottles and a Thrive Bottle Sensor that work together to capture real-time feeding data during the most critical developmental time of a baby's life. Parents and caregivers access this data in our nfant® Tracker App.

The kit also includes 10 bottle nipples from our line of Control Flow Nipples in 5 different flow rates to match every baby's needs. 

The nfant® Connected Feeding™ guide trains parents to identify, recognize and respond to hunger cues and interpret feeding data recorded in the Tracker App. 

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What’s included in the nfant® Thrive kit?

2 Smart Bottles

1 Smart Sensor

10 nfant® Control Flow Nipples

  • 2 Extra Slow Flow
  • 2 Standard Flow
  • 2 2X Standard Flow
  • 2 3X Standard Flow


Connected Feeding parent support booklet

Smart Feeding with
nfant® Thrive

Data enhanced feeding

Our Smart Bottles are equipped with sensors that capture real-time feeding data during the most critical developmental phase of your baby’s life.

Track all feedings

Track all of your baby’s feedings, whether they were done by your spouse, grandma, your nanny or a sitter.

Telehealth support

You will be able to get lactation and feeding specialist support through our telehealth partner SimpliFed.

Easy to clean

Assembling our Smart Bottle is a breeze. Our bottle and nipples are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Control Flow Nipples

Tests have shown that our line of patented bottle nipples are the most reliable at every flow rate speed.

Smart Bottle

Our Smart Bottle is comfortable to hold and easy to clean and assemble.

Smart Sensor

A wireless sensor sends real-time data about how well your baby’s feeding to the nfant® Tracker App.

Feeding your baby shouldn’t feel like guesswork

We teach you how to identify, recognize and respond to your baby’s feeding cues. We amplify and enhance your observations with real-time biofeedback data that helps you determine if feeding is going well. See how your baby responds to changes and adjustments to your routine. So while you are connecting emotionally with your baby, our smart feeding technology does the work so you don’t have to worry.

Experience the affirmation of Connected Feeding

We carefully developed our nfant Tracker App to train parents how to read feeding cues, assess their baby’s needs, determine nipple flow rate, choose the right feeding position and time daily feedings.

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Who developed the nfant® Thrive Feeding System?

Both the nfant® Feeding Solution used in hospitals and the nfant® Thrive Feeding System available to consumers were developed by nfant®, a medical device and digital health company dedicated to improving the standard of care in infant feeding by providing objective, evidence-based products for parents and caregivers. Meet our leadership team.

Can nfant® Thrive help diagnose a feeding challenge or disorder?

The nfant® Thrive System does not  diagnose feeding challenges or disorders, or to replace the advice, opinion or assessment of a medical professional. However, the nfant® Feeding Solution for professionals is used in clinical settings. If you believe your baby is struggling with feeding, please contact your pediatrician or a feeding specialist. If you feel that the data collected in the nfant® Thrive app could help you communicate your concerns, you are able to share it with your medical professional via the Tracker App.

Is nfant® Thrive used in hospitals and NICUs?

Our nfant® Thrive System is different than the version of our product that is used in hospitals, which is called the nfant® Feeding Solution. However, the nfant® Thrive System available to parents and caregivers leverages the same FDA-cleared technology as our hospital product. The hospital-based nfant® Feeding Solution is the only FDA-cleared medical product that measures sucking performance during feedings. It has been clinically proven to shorten hospital stays, reduce readmission rates and improve feeding outcomes for newborns in the NICU. Learn more about the nfant Feeding Solution used in hospitals.

How does the nfant® Thrive System help me feed my baby?

The nfant® Thrive System leverages the same technology we’ve been using in top-ranking pediatric hospitals and NICUs across the U.S. for years. We’ve analyzed biofeedback data from thousands of infants to learn what works and developed a system to guide you through feeding, with tips for positioning, nipple flow and more delivered right to an app on your phone and customized to how your baby is actually feeding. We also provide in-depth coaching on our Connected Feeding approach in our Feeding 101 Help Center.

What makes nfant® Smart Bottles different from traditional bottles?

Our Smart Bottles are the core component of nfant® Thrive, the only high-tech feeding system to deliver scientifically proven data on how well your baby is feeding. Our patented technology is built around a Smart Sensor that clicks into the bottom of the Smart Bottle and captures real-time feeding data. This data is stored and analyzed on an app on your phone, giving you the power to pivot and adapt your feeding in real-time to meet your baby’s needs.